The U.S. Postal Service said it will rebuild Minneapolis' Minnehaha branch in the same spot it stood before it burned down during the unrest that followed the death of George Floyd in May.

No timetable was offered for replacing the facility at 3033 S. 27th Av., which had served south Minneapolis for more than 50 years, the Postal Service said in its announcement Thursday.

The USPS set up a mobile branch in the vacant Kmart store on Lake Street after the Minnehaha and Lake Street locations were closed because of irreparable damage.

In November, services for both branches were shifted to a temporary building at 10 W. Lake St., and in December the Postal Service sought feedback on where to rebuild the Minnehaha branch. The Postal Service opted to rebuild the Minnehaha branch on the site of the original facility, which opened in 1970.

"While the Postal Service is sensitive to the impact of this decision on its customers and the community, the Postal Service properly considered community input and this decision is consistent with Postal Service objectives," the announcement said. "To be self-sustaining, the Postal Service must make decisions that ensure it provides adequate and affordable postal services in a manner that is as efficient and economical as possible."

When it reopens, the Minnehaha branch will provide full-service retail and house local mail delivery operations, the Postal Service said.

"Customers can expect to receive the same level of service from their own community as they have in the past," the Postal Service said.

The USPS also plans to rebuild the Lake Street branch, but no specifics have been announced, said spokeswoman Nicole Hill.

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