When police get a call for a possible "jumper" on a bridge, there is always the possibility that the incident could end in tragedy.

But on Thursday afternoon, three Minneapolis police officers helped prevent a deadly outcome when they pulled a man to safety on the 3rd Avenue Bridge near downtown.

About 3:15 p.m. Thursday, police were alerted to a possible suicidal man who was hanging on to the pedestrian railing on the south side of the 3rd Avenue Bridge, said Lt. Rob Skoro, of the Minneapolis Police Department.

Officers Elliot Wong, Laurarose Turner, and Matt Vana responded to the scene. In surveillance video, the officers can be seen going up to the man who is straddling the ledge and does not seem to notice their presence. From behind, Turner grabs the man's midsection as the other two officers help her pull the man off the railing and onto the ground where he is subdued. The man was later taken to the hospital.

The officers said Friday that they did not think the man could hear them approach because of the noise on the bridge which allowed them to make a quick, surprise apprehension.

"All of us have 20 plus years [of experience] and when we see a situation such as on the bridge we use our experience throughout the years and react," Wong said.

Skoro said the incident was an example of the exemplary work that police do daily in the city.

"We're real proud of our officers," he said. "This kind of thing goes on throughout the year. Dozens of times officers throughout the city save lives."

(From left to right) Wong, Turner, Vana, Skoro