A woman whose lawsuit against Minneapolis police alleged that she was beaten and dragged by police after falling asleep in the lobby of her downtown apartment building settled the case in August for $50,000, her lawyer said Tuesday.

Attorney Paul Applebaum, who represented Alicia Joneja in the federal lawsuit, said his client was "happy that the cops were held accountable."

The city has admitted no guilt in settling the case.

Joneja said in the lawsuit that after a night of drinking with friends, she got locked out of her loft and fell asleep in the foyer of her building. She alleged she was awakened a few hours later by two officers, one of whom kneed her repeatedly in the abdomen, grabbed her hair and handcuffed one of her hands.

According to Joneja, the officer, identified in the lawsuit as Heather Sterzinger, dragged her across the floor by her handcuffed hand, injuring her shoulder.

The incident happened in June 2012, according to the lawsuit.

Sterzinger and the other officer, Sundiata Bronson, said that Joneja became combative after being awakened and threw a shoe at a firefighter who had also responded, prompting her arrest. It was not clear what role Bronson had in the altercation.

Charges against Joneja were later dropped, Applebaum said.

Police union officials were not immediately available for comment on the settlement.