A Minneapolis man has sued the Boy Scouts of America and its St. Paul-based council over alleged sexual abuse by a Scout leader.

Steven Parker, now 59, was 11 when he says he was first sexually abused by his group's assistant scoutmaster, Andrew Momont.

According to court documents linked to the suit, which was filed in Ramsey County District Court, the boy met Momont when he joined Troop 17, based at Olivet Baptist Church in Robbinsdale.

Parker was sexually abused by Momont, now 64, on several occasions at Scout-related events from 1967 to 1974, the papers say.

"The abuse in this case was severe and went on for many years. Our client has suffered quietly and painfully for decades," said attorney Patrick Noaker. "Mr. Parker is a very brave man who has fought depression and chemical dependency, common with survivors of sexual abuse, to step forward and hold the Boy Scouts accountable."

The 2013 Minnesota Child Victims Act allows a window to bring claims without restrictions imposed by a statute of limitations, even if the abuse occurred decades ago.

As a young adult, Parker came forward and disclosed to the Boy Scouts that Momont was sexually dangerous. He was told that Momont had been removed from scouting for sexual misconduct with boys.

Parker joins nearly a dozen similar victims who have recently filed lawsuits in Minnesota against the Boy Scouts of America and its local chapters. Many of these followed an announcement in June by Ramsey County Commissioner Jim McDonough disclosing his own sexual abuse ordeal as a young Scout.