A Minneapolis man was charged Monday with fatally shooting a man in Brooklyn Center last week in what police described as the aftermath of a possible robbery attempt, a shouting match and a fistfight.

Antonio Xavier Daniels, 26, was charged with second-degree murder in Thursday's shooting death of Michael McGowan, 25, of Minneapolis, near a Denny's restaurant in Brooklyn Center, according to court records. McGowan left a trail of blood from the shooting scene to a nearby Super 8 motel, where he died after banging on a door in search of help.

A witness told authorities that he, Daniels and another man were headed from the motel to Denny's that morning when they confronted another group of men. Punches were exchanged, the witness said, according to court documents. Daniels fired at least two shots, the man said.

The witness said he told the others that they needed to leave the area. But, he said, Daniels said, "I threw the gun. I'm going back to get it."

Another witness told authorities that he arrived at the hotel to pick up McGowan, whom, he said, had called for a ride. McGowan told the witness that there were people "talking crazy," like they were trying to "rob" him, according to court documents.

The witness said that upon arriving at the motel, he saw five people running away, some men, some women. The man then found McGowan lying in a pool of blood.

Another witness said he heard four to five shots and saw Daniels fire the gun.

Hennepin County authorities have not identified McGowan as the victim. But his mother confirmed his identity the day after the shooting.

Brooklyn Center police have said that the police fatal shooting of another man near the place where McGowan was shot was not related.