Minneapolis is preparing to launch the first wave of its new curbside organics pickup, and already more than 29,500 households have signed up for the service.

The signup deadline for people who live in areas adding organics recycling next month and want to receive bins in August is July 10. Residents who live in other areas can sign up now, but won't get the service until next spring. (You can find out when organics pickup starts on your street by checking this map.

Once the collection starts, the city will pick up food scraps, including eggshells, meat, fish and bones, egg cartons, pizza boxes and other paper products that have been soiled by food, coffee grounds, tissues, dryer lint, floral trimmings and nail clippings, among other items.

The curbside service is only available to single-family homes, but people who live in apartment buildings can haul their compost to designated drop off sites. Eligible residents are already paying for the service; waste collection fees went up by $48 this year. 

Residents can sign up by phone at 612-673-2917 or by emailing SWRcustomer@minneapolismn.gov.

Above: Council Member Cam Gordon, Mayor Betsy Hodges and Council Member Kevin Reich show off one of the city's new organics bins this spring.