Are you a Minneapolis resident with an abundance of of black plastic lawn and leaf bags? You've just been given a reprieve. Starting next week, when Minneapolis starts picking up yard waste, residents can still use non-compostable plastic bags. The grace period for plastic ends the week of April 30 when residents are required to put all lawn and garden waste in compostable bags or reusable containers no larger than 33 gallons.


This is especially helpful to residents who were unsuccessful in finding the compostable bags in stock. While most retaielrs seem to have the paper bags in stock regularly, compostable plastic is in short supply. If you want to stock up now, Here's a list of stores that have and their inventories.


If you're having trouble finding them when you want them, consider buying a container instead. You don;t have to use a bag--just pour the clippings and trimmings in the container. Reusable containers must be less than 33 gallons in size with sturdy handles for crews to use. Stickers to identify your container as "yard waste' can be requested by calling 612-673-2917.