A clash between security and a bigtime rapper’s entourage led to the plug being pulled on a concert in downtown Minneapolis, the club’s operators are saying.

Lil Wayne was scheduled to perform Sunday night at the Venue on First Avenue, but he chose not to perform after “members of his entourage refused to take part in the Venue’s standard safety procedures,” the club said in a posting Monday night on Facebook.

The Venue went on to explain that the procedures apply to patrons and entertainers alike and have been in place for quite some time. They include a pat-down and metal-detection scan on everyone entering the club. Also, ages and identities are confirmed.

“[They] are similar, if not identical, to safety standards and procedures utilized by clubs and arenas throughout the United States and the Twin Cities,” the club noted. “These safety procedures are explained and provided to each performer in advance of any performance or concert that occurs at the Venue.

While the 32-year-old Grammy winner was cleared to enter the club, his entourage members would not comply, the club continued.

“The Venue is not willing to bypass its security standards and jeopardize the safety of its patrons, performers or staff members,” the posting read.

The Venue said it is arranging refunds for tickets that were purchased online.

Messages have been left with the performer’s representatives seeking his side of the conflict that led to the show being called off.

In the meantime, the east-central Illinois city of Danville is preparing for Lil Wayne’s show Tuesday night at Studio 25. Police say they are blocking numerous streets around the club and putting in additional parking restrictions.