The city of Minneapolis's executive committee made Velma Korbel's nomination official Tuesday for reappointment to the top position in the Department of Civil Rights.

Korbel came under scrutiny from some city leaders earlier this year after a Star Tribune report about an employee who said Korbel fired her for raising concerns about the department's "hate crime hotline."

Mayor Jacob Frey held off nominating Korbel to review her record, he said. But in an interview last week, Frey said he was satisfied with her body of work over her tenure as director of the department since 2010, apart from the recent allegations about problems with the hotline.

On Tuesday, Frey and Council Members Andrea Jenkins, Andrew Johnson and Cam Gordon all voted in favor of pushing the nomination forward, with no discussion. Council President Lisa Bender was absent for the vote.

The nomination will now go to the City Council, which will decide on whether to hold a meeting for public comment before a final vote.