Minneapolis is among 15 cities the Army is considering for the headquarters of its planned Futures Command, which will keep track of emerging technology and innovations that could be used in warfare.

The new facility would be the fourth command-level operation in the Army. Officials say it would be part of the most significant reorganization of Army command functions since 1973.

The Army notified the cities this week and asked for detailed information by May 10.

The contenders are Atlanta; Austin, Texas; Boston; Chicago; Dallas; Denver; Houston; Los Angeles; Minneapolis; New York; Philadelphia; Raleigh, N.C.; San Diego; San Francisco and Seattle. The Army hasn’t said when it will choose a city.

According to a letter Mayor Jacob Frey received this week from Army Undersecretary Ryan McCarthy, the headquarters would be “small, dynamic and composed of the very best from our military and civilian workforce, probably less than 500 personnel.”

The Army wants the headquarters near universities and technology companies, and has said that the host city should have workforce expertise in biomedicine, chemistry, computer hardware and software, electronics, materials and mechanical systems.

“Quality of life for ... personnel and their families is also a priority for recruiting and training top talent,” the Army said in the letter to Frey. “In particular, it is helpful for us to have an appreciation of the community’s level of interest and support should a headquarters be placed in its community — we clearly want to be good neighbors from the very start.”