A Minneapolis teenager sentenced for a drive-by murder on the North Side will be nearly twice as old as he is now before he can leave prison.

Marcel T. Farr, 19, was sentenced in Hennepin County District Court last week in connection with the killing of Tabyis Paskins in 2016. Farr, who was 17 at the time of the killing, pleaded guilty in January to second-degree murder.

With credit for time in jail since his arrest, Farr will serve just shy of 19 years in prison and the balance of his 30-year term on supervised release.

In August 2016, Paskins and a friend rode on bicycles past a house at Logan Avenue near Hillside Avenue, where the two were approached by a group with Farr, who yelled out Paskins’ friend’s name. Paskins and his friend ignored them and kept pedaling.

Farr’s group, in a sport-utility vehicle, caught up with the two. Farr then leaned out of a rear passenger window and asked Paskins’ friend, “Ain’t you in the Pack?” The friend said he didn’t do that anymore.

As the two began pedaling away, Farr started shooting. Paskins was wounded and collapsed. Construction workers nearby called 911, but Paskins died later that morning.

At the time of his guilty plea, County Attorney Mike Freeman said in a statement that Farr’s “stupidity is hard to comprehend.”