A coalition of ministers and activist groups today called on banks operating in Minneapolis to institute a 90 day moratorium on foreclosures.

Bishop Richard Howell of Shiloh Temple urged the banks to work to keep families in their homes, and offer them a second modification of their mortgages if the first one was unsustainable and the homeowner defaulted. He spoke at a news conference today at his church on West Broadway with representatives from a number of churches and groups standing behind him.

Dave Snyder, an organizer with Jewish Community Action who is working with the Northside Community Reinvestment Coalition, said that negotiations with the banks over the moratorium proposal would begin in January. That coalition has negotiated with several banks to keep people in their homes, the ministers said.

Rev. Jerry McAfee of the New Salem Missionary Baptist Church and the head of the Minnesota State Baptist Convention, said that if the banks reject the moratorium, “We will have to join our brothers and sisters of Occupy Minnesota and occupy the banks.”

Others at the news conference included Rev. Dwight Seawood of the Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, Rev. Paul Slack of New Creation Church, Scott Grey, president of the Minneapolis Urban League and Vic Rosenthal, executive director of Jewish Community Action.