⋆½ out of four stars
Rated: PG.


The animated feature “Leap!” jumps all over the place. Originally titled “Ballerina,” it has dancing sequences that are lovely to watch. And Elle Fanning gives a charming voice performance as the lead character. But the rest of the movie is a mishmash. Even though the story is set in 19th-century Paris, the characters make “Hammer Time” jokes.

Some of the animation is striking, but ultimately it seems like all of the resources have been put into the background environment instead of the characters and plot.
Katie Walsh, Tribune News Service


All Saints
⋆⋆ out of four stars
Rated: PG.


The line between fiction and nonfiction is deliberately blurred in “All Saints,” which tells the true story of a Tennessee church resurrected by unlikely saviors. John Corbett puts his folksy charm to the role of Rev. Michael Spurlock, who is tasked with putting a dying church out of its misery, its mortgage astronomical and membership dwindling. But when a group of Burmese refugees from a brutal civil war turn up at the church needing help, Spurlock decides that God has instructed him to plant a farm on the church land to feed the immigrants and pay the church’s mortgage.

The movie was shot at the real All Saints Church in Smyrna, Tenn., and many members of the church play themselves. The film is fascinating in the way it addresses faith and religion. It’s not so much about scripture as it is about community. And Corbett is impassioned as Spurlock. But the cinematic execution is serviceable at best, with way too much dead air.
Katie Walsh