We're not going to claim any cause-and-effect. But the Twins were in first place by three games before Miguel Sano brought a rubber snake into the dugout just before the Twins took the field against Tampa Bay for Sunday's 15 innings of aggravation.

The Twins haven't won since.

We'll also spare you all the "pranks are part of baseball" (See hot foot, shaving cream pie, etc.) and "boys will be boys" stuff, and just focus on Neil Allen's freak-out.

Let's go to the video. (Young lip readers, shield your eyes, please.):

Allen's reaction, however, was only the second most dramatic one at the ballpark that day. First place went to the woman who didn't take kindly to the KissCam returning to her for a second time.

Her displeasure was made clear in a way that we just can't show you here.

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