You can track spring migration progress day to day at a web site created and managed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Go to

It’s well designed, as are all things from Cornell. 


The lab is a one-stop source for almost anything about birds — ID, behavior, biology, live cams, feeding, study, sounds, photos, eBird, YouTube, Facebook … and most of it free. The on-line classes in bird biology at their Bird Academy do have a tuition cost. (There are 17 helpful courses.)


Cornell just introduced an amazing resource, Birds of the World, 10,721 species in text, photos, video, sound, all on-line, a subscription service by the month of year, intro prices now to the end of June. You can give it a try for a month for the cost of a fast-food lunch, $7.99.


The Cornell web site is a place every birder should visit. Find it at


It’s supported by membership fees, although much of the content has no charge. You join because you value what Cornell is doing for birds and birding. Take a look.