More cold weather will take aim at the South at midweek as the all-important jet stream veers well southward of its customary path.

Daytime readings in the 40s on Wednesday will follow a frigid start marked by lows in the 20s and even 10s in Memphis, Birmingham, Atlanta, Charlotte and Raleigh. It will stay in the 50s from New Orleans to Jacksonville.

Meanwhile, it will remain blustery and freezing cold across the Midwest with highs in the 20s in Chicago and Minneapolis. The cold will help to spread snow showers from the Great Lakes to the central and northern Appalachians.

Elsewhere, it will be brisk and dry in the East, but warm with sunshine in Southern California and the lower Desert Southwest.

Low pressure dipping south of western Canada will trigger some snow, mostly in Montana.

Story By Senior Meteorologist Jim Andrews.