This storm threatens to be a real trouble maker from the southern Plains to the East Coast. A large swath of the country from Oklahoma to northern Virginia could get quite a sizable snowfall from this thing later this week.

Here you see where the storm will be centered Friday. At that time, the heaviest snow will be in Kentucky and West Virginia, and it will just be getting into Virginia. From there, envision the whole system advancing to the northeast, as storms like this generally do. That would put Maryland, southern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and southern New England in the band of heaviest snow Friday night and Saturday.

Currently, we feel this has the all the earmarks of a classic winter storm. No, it won't set any snowfall records, but it could cause a lot of disruption in travel later this week.

We also know that this will be a cold storm with temperatures in the lower 20s and teens in the areas getting heavy snow.

As the week progresses, will provide you with detailed maps showing how much snow will fall and when it will all get started.

Story by Senior Meteorologist John Kocet.