Lewis Black hasn't officially handed over the title of "The Daily Show"'s angriest commentator to Michelle Wolf, but he might as well.

Not that anyone would mistake them for twins. Black, a 68-year-old puffin forever on the verge of a heart attack, comes across like a liberal Archie Bunker., Wolf, 31, who headlined Thursday at Acme Comedy Co.,is a cooler customer, delivering jokes with a grin and occasional giggle, but just as fed up with the modern world.

Her recent "review" of "Wonder Woman" is a stellar example of just what an important player she's become on the Comedy Central series. In her 80-minute live show, Wolf is often just as effective, especially when she's spinning off the news.

"Trump said he was going to pull out of the Paris agreement and he did," she said. "That's a rare thing for a man."

That was quickly followed by a clever bit about the recent revelation that Mary Kay Letourneau was  separating from her former 6th-grade student.

"I put all my eggs in that love basket," she said. "Now my only hope lies in Woody Allen and Soon-Yi."

The bulk of Wolf's material dealt with the differences between men and women, right down to their sexual parts. And while many of these jokes were well crafted, I kept hoping for more fresh-from-the-headlines satire seen through a feminist's lens. That's what separates her from the pack -- and makes her a comic worth checking out, both on "The Daily Show" and at Acme, where she's performing through Saturday.

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