Stensation passes along this report about Michelle Wie, which can't be described as anything but awkward ... unless you prefer the term "bizarre." While most people would agree that it can be tough to remember some of the specifics of major events (wedding day, etc.), there should be some sort of baseline recollection. Here's an excerpt (bold from us):

Michelle Wie said she doesn't remember anything about her withdrawal from the Ginn Tournament in 2007 or other events during that injury-plagued year, according to an interview in the March issue of Golf Magazine.

In that tournament, Wie withdrew in the first round after 16 holes when she was in danger of shooting 88 and losing Tour privileges for the rest of the year. She claimed to have a wrist injury but was seen hitting balls two day later, and tournament host Annika Sorenstam said Wie showed a "lack of class and respect."

"I actually don't remember. What happened?" Wie said when asked about the tournament. "I have no comment about that because I really don't remember."

Asked if she really couldn't remember anything about the incident, Wie responded, "I kinda do, but I don't want to say anything false. I don't need to rehash that. I don't want to say anything false because I don't remember."

Anybody have any theories about this? Other than that, you know, she could be an unblinking robot.

The link also provides a direct Q&A for a short sequence. It is equally strange. Not that it wouldn't be completely awesome to have a selective memory about some parts of our life.