FEB. 2

Suspicious activity. Authorities checked on a report of a white sport-utility vehicle stopping at mailboxes in the area of 55th Street and Trading Post Trail. A deputy stopped the driver, who said they were delivering phone books and showed that the vehicle contained not only phone books also but maps of delivery areas.


FEB. 10

Theft. A 2001 Chevrolet HHR was reported stolen from a home in the 7800 block of Maple Hill Road. A person staying at the home allegedly took the vehicle.


FEB. 9

Stalking. Officers responded to a report of a man who had followed a 30-year-old woman home and was watching her in the 19400 block of Jamestown Street NE. They arrested the 30-year-old man for stalking.


FEB. 12

Animal complaint. Officers responded to an animal complaint at NE. 2nd and Mississippi streets. A woman said that a dog had head-butted her, but officers were unable to locate the dog.


FEB. 10

Neighbor dispute. An officer responded to a report that a resident was blowing snow into a shared driveway and tossing the snow toward the neighbor’s property. The officer asked the resident to stop doing that.


JAN. 30

Suspicious activity. Officers responded to a report on Broadway Street. A woman reported noises that sounded like someone was in her apartment. They determined that the building was popping and creaking due to the cold.


JAN. 29

Theft. A man was seen on surveillance video picking up and removing a gumball machine from Bleechers Bar, 2220 White Bear Av.

Incident. A man and woman were seen on surveillance video to be in Bleechers Bar, 2220 White Bear Av., after hours. They apparently hid in a restroom until the bar closed and fled when they set off an alarm.


FEB. 10

Animal complaint. A resident in Woodland Cove reported increased sightings of fox and coyotes.


JAN. 31

Theft. A cellphone was reported to have been taken by someone who had at first borrowed it in the area of Morris Street and Shop Road.


FEB. 2

Welfare check. A man who was wearing shorts was reported walking in the area of Hastings Avenue and 65th Street. The man told a deputy that he was OK and just walking home.


JAN. 31

Suspicious activity. A Washington County deputy headed to a call on a man who was walking outside barefoot and wearing only a T-shirt was flagged down in the 500 block of Holly Lane by the man himself. The man, who showed signs of frostbite, said he had taken mushrooms and felt like he was going to die. He warmed up in the squad car until an Oakdale officer arrived for him.


FEB. 7

Drunken driving. A 28-year-old Coon Rapids woman was arrested for drunken driving after driving into a snowbank and hitting a fire hydrant in the 3900 block of Annapolis Lane.


FEB. 4

Drugs. A 28-year-old Loretto man was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia, driving after revocation of license, and having neither vehicle registration nor proof of insurance, following a traffic stop at Mystic Lake Drive NW. and Wilds Parkway.


FEB. 4

Drugs. A 27-year-old Prior Lake woman was arrested at Walmart, 8101 Old Carriage Court, on three counts of possession of a controlled substance, one count each of possession of hypodermic needles and giving police a false name, and warrants out of Scott County.


JAN. 31

Suspicious activity. Authorities checked on a report of a vehicle running for a long time in a garage in the 2000 block of Eagle Trace Lane. The vehicle was unoccupied.


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An arrest or citation means police suspect a crime has occurred; they are allegations and still must go before a judge. Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.