Big players, big attitudes

A sampling of metro-area offensive lines and their bonds.

Lakeville North

Alias/identity: Dirtbags

For fun: Supplies varsity T-shirts to linemen in youth program.

Quote: “I want five guys who will go into an alley and fight every Friday.” — offensive line coach Jason Albrecht


Alias/identity: The carriage doesn’t move without the horses

For fun: Hit a few buffets during the season and offer reviews for teammates.

Quote: “That just meant I got to crush kids with my size on the line. What’s not to like?” — senior tackle Erik Fordahl on being tapped for line work

St. Michael-Albertville

Alias/identity: The Real Skill Players

For fun: Hogs Camp summer program ended with groups of linemen competing to push a St. Michael fire truck 40 yards in the fastest time.

Quote: “Linemen are the hardest working people on a team. You need that nitty-gritty pride.” — senior guard Jack Fiedler

St. Thomas Academy

Alias/identity: The Fist

For fun: A blue wristband with “The Fist” emblazoned in white letters gets handed down to one offensive lineman each season.

Quote: “I always liked being a lineman because you literally could hit someone as hard as you could every play.” — senior center Ryan Meitz


Alias/identity: Big Sexies

For fun: Warmed up during the summer with games of duck-duck-goose.

Quote: “We’re a tighter group because we’re bigger. The skinny guys don’t know what it’s like.” — senior tackle AJ Friedrich