OK, all you Minnesotans who claimed during the winter’s deep freeze that you’d never complain about the summer sizzle. Here’s your chance.

The Twin Cities is in line for a string of high temperatures in the 90s — just in time for the unofficial start of summer.

The National Weather Service says the degree dial-up should start Friday, with a mostly sunny kickoff to Memorial Day weekend and a high in the upper 80s in the Twin Cities metro area. The temperature could nudge the mid-90s Friday if the clouds disappear.

It’s much the same on Saturday, Sunday and Monday under sunny skies. “An active and hot long-term period is on the way,” the Weather Service said, “with Memorial Day looking to be the hottest much of the area has seen in over 10 years.”

The last time the Twin Cities warmed into the 90s on Memorial Day was a 94-degree reading on May 29, 2006. The hottest was May 30, 1939, when the temp topped out at 95.