This is the last fandango at Midway Stadium, a minor league stadium that has played host to many major concerts. A sampling:


1997: Bob Dylan/Ani DiFranco. The hometowner smiled freely and talked a lot (for him, anyway). Who cares if he didn’t play harmonica? An uncharacteristically shy DiFranco saluted both Dylan and Prince in song.

1999: R.E.M. The band was too laid back, the sound too soft. But the rainstorm that hit during the encore of “The End of the World as We Know It” was a perfect ending.

2001: Moby & OutKast headlining the Area: One festival. A hip, diverse happening with 11 acts over seven hours.

2005: Dylan/Willie Nelson. Willie was on autopilot but Dylan’s singing was more nuanced, focused and clearer (well, for a nicotine-stained froggy throat) than it had been in years. His revamped band was the most versatile and musical group he’d had in ages.

2013: Dylan/Wilco/My Morning Jacket/Richard Thompson. In a brilliant marketing move, the icon enlisted two strong, younger live acts and one other crusty veteran. Even though Dylan was strikingly quiet, it was a good night in front of his biggest local crowd in years.