As chosen by Reid Anderson, Dave King and Ethan Iverson:

• “Big Eater,” “1972 Bronze Medalist,” “Guilty” and “Silence Is the ­Question” (from the album “These Are the Vistas”)

• “1979 Semi-Finalist,” “Dirty Blonde”and “Iron Man” (from “Give”)

• “Anthem for the Earnest,” “Knows the Difference” and “Lost of Love” (from “Suspicious Activity?”)

• “Fém” (“Etude No. 8”) and “Barracuda” (from “For All I Care”)

• “2 PM” (from “Never Stop”)

• “Pound for Pound,” “Seven Minute Mind,” “Re-Elect That” and “Wolf Out” (from “Made Possible”)

• “You Will Lose All Fear” (from “Inevitable Western”)

• “As This Moment Slips Away” and “Beauty Has It Hard” (from “The Bad Plus Joshua Redman”)