The White House released Melania Trump’s first official portrait on Monday, “taken in her new residence at the White House,” according to the official statement.

The first lady, a former fashion model, is shown from the waist up wearing a black blazer and a black ensemble with her arms crossed in front of her. FLOTUS is looking directly into the camera.

What is becoming crystal clear is that people are less than amused by what’s on her finger: A massive diamond.


The engagement ring, reportedly 25-carats, is allegedly worth a whopping $3 million.

As you can imagine, the big rock didn’t sit well with some folks who quickly went on Twitter to give her a piece of their mind.

After NBC News correspondent Peter Alexander tweeted out the portrait, a Twitter user quickly replied: “Sell the ring, save Meals on Wheels.”

“Nice ring @MELANIATRUMP,” wrote another Twitter user, “pls show it off to everyone that is losing health care, education, meals. How is the bullying campaign going btw?”

“Melania Trump sporting her Trump University Class Ring,” another user joked.

While a journalist from Ireland asked, “So, tell us Melania, what attracted you to orange billionaire Mr Trump? Nice ring btw.”


Check out more snark-filled reactions below.


Melania Trump sporting her Trump University Class Ring.

— LeftDial (@LeftDial) April 3, 2017




White House unveils official Melania Trump portrait

— Chet Cannon (@Chet_Cannon) April 3, 2017




Nice ring @MELANIATRUMP, pls show it off to everyone that is losing health care, education, meals. How is the bullying campaign going btw?

— Long Beach Chica (@BohemianxChica) April 3, 2017




Lovely image of Melania Trump's 25-carat engagement ring.

Ahem. I mean Melania Trump's official photograph.

— Blogdramedy (@Blogdramedy) April 3, 2017




The White House releases the first official portrait of First Lady Melania Trump…wearing a 25 carat diamond ring.

— Mike Sington (@MikeSington) April 3, 2017




@holleyr @PeterAlexander TY.I won't take away the fact that she is a stunning woman,but that ring could pay for another year of respite from her dreadful husband.

— Kathy Silke ???????? (@KathySilke) April 3, 2017




She has more than earned that diamond ring!! ????

— Sarah (@sarahb579) April 3, 2017





@Lawrence I hope Melania Trump is happy with the 15 carat 1.5 million dollar ring, while seniors won't have funding for meals on wheels

— Mary Lou Pellatt (@loupellatt) March 17, 2017



Official Portrait of First Lady

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