Robot sounds and dance moves

Man meets machine in “Meeting” by Aussie dance duo Alisdair Macindoe and Antony Hamilton. Sound artist/dancer Macindoe created a series of minimalist musical instruments, block-like machines that visually encircle the performers like dominoes while filling the room with clangs and pulsating rhythms. Hamilton’s choreography, meanwhile, draws on break-dancing techniques to explore ideas about precision. For example, you’ll notice a robotic style of movement called popping, reflecting Hamilton’s roots in B-boy dancing. It makes for a hypnotic 50 minutes of sound and dance. (8 p.m. Fri. & Sat., Walker Art Center, 725 Vineland Place, Mpls., $22, 612-375-7600,

Feminist movement

The #metoo movement rightly brings sexual harassment to the forefront of the American consciousness. But there’s another side to sexism, a side that doesn’t get much attention. In “Invisible,” choreographer Paula Mann examines the experiences women face as they age, when society stops seeing or even acknowledging them. Mann gathers a cast of women ages 25 to 77 for a Time Track Productions show that rebukes popular perceptions about women’s bodies, presenting an alternative narrative to a culture that values women primarily for their beauty and youth. (7:30 Thu.-Sat., 2 p.m. Sat., Southern Theater, 1420 Washington Av. S., Mpls., $20-$24, 612-340-1055,