“I’m looking for my ‘warm spot,’ a home and family where I am safe, valued and loved,” said Sherakey, 17. “I really like to keep busy with pretty much anything, but I especially enjoy talking and sharing stories (I’m really social), knitting with my loom, coloring, going to the library and reading. I always feel very special when I get my hair and nails done — like a beautiful princess!”

Sherakey is very active — there’s never a dull moment when she’s around. She’s looking for a family where she is the only child or the youngest with a parent (or parents) who has a lot of flexibility and who is readily available to Sherakey. She has a great deal to offer a family who is able to recognize her tremendous potential.


If you would like more information on adopting or fostering a Minnesota waiting child, please e-mail info@mnadopt.org or call 612-861-7115.