Leah and Nick Feyereisen have heard a time or two that their hands are full. But with three spunky, "lucky" seven year old boys you won't find them complaining.

The couple found out they were having spontaneous triplets just seven weeks into Leah's pregnancy. Months later an ultrasound revealed problems, a brain bleed, clubfeet and a spinal abnormality with the baby who would be named Tanner. Gillette was involved then and remains involved now. To date, Tanner has undergone eight surgeries to treat his clubfeet and cerebral palsy, and to correct his spinal abnormality.

In addition to his physical challenges, Tanner deals with Celiac disease and must adhere to strict dietary limitations. But his experiences have only strengthened the triplets’ bond. “These brothers, they just love each other,” says Leah. “They’re very protective. Parker and Cole hate when Tanner’s not around.”

Leah considers Gillette family and it's no wonder, the family has been there so many times over the last seven years. 

Leah and Nick have worked hard to use Tanner's experience as an opportunity to teach the boys about kindness and acceptance, having conversations about why he wears leg braces, why someone else might be in a wheel chair and helping them be inclusive.

The three 7 year old Irish, born on St. Patty's Day, triplets have been chosen as Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare's CurePity Heroes ambassadors as Gillette and Centurylink team up.

The two are teaming up to find stories of everyday people in the Twin Cities who've gone above and beyond to help create a better, more inclusive world for people who have disabilities.  CurePity Heroes honors individuals or groups of people who are changing the world by improving the lives of a child, teen, or adult who has a disability. Nominations are being accepted at www.curepity.org/heroes in three separate categories:

1) Kids
2) Groups
3) Adults

For each submission, CenturyLink will make a donation to Gillette and the deadline to enter is August 22.

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