We talked to Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb via conference call earlier this morning. Chip has McNabb's thoughts on Brad Childress' firing over on Access Vikings.

McNabb also was asked about all those reports in recent years about him possibly ending up reunited with Childress in Minnesota. Childress came into the NFL as a coach when McNabb was first starting out in Philadelphia.

"Yeah, that was something that was I guess sort of speaking just from reports on TV," McNabb said. "I never said anything to that effect. Minnesota’s a great place, I know a lot of guys on the team, but that wasn’t something that I was saying. I wouldn’t obviously [have stayed in Philadelphia] if that [had worked]. I think that was just kind of reports, just because of the relationship I have with Brad and also with [quarterbacks coach] Kevin Rogers."

McNabb also was asked about  reports that he's really not tied to Washington long-term, despite the contract extension that he recently signed. McNabb signed a five-year deal that could be worth up to $88.5 million. But there are reports that the Redskins have to give him a $10 million bonus after the season for it to kick in. In other words, if the Redskins don't pay the bonus, they don't owe him anything, and McNabb becomes a free agent.

"I don't know where all of that came from," McNabb said. "I know what was in my contract, and I don't kind of get caught up into that what whole deal. And nor should I. I think for myself, it's just to continue to prepare and to continue to go out and play well. I know that I'll be back here next year and for the next couple of years. That's the way I see it. I don't know what everybody else is kind of looking into. But like anything else that kind of involves me, what else is new?"

It'll be interesting to see how A, the Vikings play in their first game under Frazier, and B, how the Redskins play at home in their first home game since getting blown out by the Eagles 59-28 in prime time a couple of weeks ago. I'll take the Redskins, who at least still have a chance at the postseason.

Plus, I'll take McNabb against all Vikings' cornerbacks not named Winfield.