The maximum sentence was given to a motorist who was drunk when he sped through a Blaine neighborhood, fatally hit a man on a sidewalk and fled.

Adam J. Rodman, 28, was sentenced in Anoka County District Court to a 10-year term for driving up to 70 miles per hour in a 30-mph zone in May 2016 and running over Danilo Aguilar, 39, who was standing at his mailbox.

With credit for time in jail since the crash, Rodman will serve nearly six years of his sentence in prison and the balance on supervised release. A jury convicted him in March on three counts of criminal vehicular homicide and one count of failing to stop at the crash scene.

In asking Judge Daniel O’Fallon for the maximum sentence, Assistant County Attorney Treye Kettwick said, “Mr. Rodman deserves absolutely no mercy.”

O’Fallon said he looked at “the totality of the circumstances” in sentencing Rodman, including his apparent lack of remorse and other factors that increased the seriousness of the crime. Those factors were his extreme intoxication and recklessness, operating beyond the posted speed limit, leaving the scene and shifting the blame.

“It is incredibly sad to hear the dramatic impact this tragedy has had on the Aguilar family,” County Attorney Tony Palumbo said after sentencing. “Unfortunately, a criminal sentence cannot return Mr. Aguilar to his family. But we do feel the maximum sentence served justice in this case.”

Rodman, who lived in the same neighborhood as Aguilar, struck Aguilar and threw him and the mailbox more than 100 feet. Police found Rodman at his home after following a trail of oil and debris from his car.

Rodman has a history of violating traffic laws. He was caught twice driving with a suspended license, according to court records. He’s also been convicted multiple times for speeding and twice for careless driving. His license was valid at the time he hit Aguilar, a state spokeswoman said Tuesday.