1. Patriots (6-0) With potentially Belichick’s best defense ever, Patriots first in yards allowed (234.7) and points allowed (8.0).

2. 49ers (5-0) If Sean McVay is a genius, what is Robert Saleh? 49ers D-coordinator holds Rams to 78 passing yards on 13 completions.

3. Saints (5-1) Teddy Bridgewater giving Jimmy Garoppolo a run for NFL Comeback Player of the Year.

4. Bills (4-1) Coming off a bye and facing Miami. Thank you, Mr. Schedule Maker.

5. Seahawks (5-1) Russell Wilson just the fourth QB to start a season with six straight passer ratings in the 100s.

6. Colts (3-2) Coming off a bye and facing the Texans. Darn you, Mr. Schedule Maker.

7. Packers (5-1) Green Bay came back when the 10th-string receivers stopped dropping balls and the officials started dropping calls.

8. Texans (4-2) Only stat that matters: Down 24-23 in the fourth quarter, Deshaun Watson drove 93 yards and scored the game-winner.

9. Chiefs (4-2) Tyreek Hill returns with a blast, but other injuries add up to two straight losses, both at home.

10. Vikings (4-2) Dear Stefon: Love means never having to say you’re sorry. Best wishes, Kirk.

11. Panthers (4-2) Kyle Allen is 4-0 heading into a bye. Let’s go out on a limb and say Cam’s foot needs a minimum of two more weeks to heal.

12. Ravens (4-2) Should Lamar Jackson get two paychecks since he plays two positions?

13. Raiders (3-2) Jon Gruden has had an off week to wonder how the Raiders beat the Bears, who whipped the Vikings, who crushed the Raiders.

14. Bears (3-2) Dear Teddy: Good luck starting 5-0. See you in Chicago, Khalil Mack.

15. Lions (2-2-1) Detroit takes its turn as victim of the credibility crisis that’s devouring all trust in NFL officiating.

16. Eagles (3-3) Think of this Eagles team the next time Mike Zimmer stockpiles another cornerback you think he doesn’t need.

17. Rams (3-3) Which is worse? Zip-for-9 on third down or nada-for-4 on fourth down?

18. Jets (1-4) Sam Darnold becomes first NFL player to infect an opponent’s entire roster with mono.

19. Cowboys (3-3) Remember when the Cowboys were 3-0, atop the NFC power rankings and pushing Dak Prescott’s asking price into the stratosphere?

20. Broncos (2-4) Unless you’re a punter, give thanks if you missed Denver shutting out Tennessee in a game with 17 punts for 825 yards.

21. Browns (2-4) Baker Mayfield will not throw an interception this week. Guaranteed.

22. Cardinals (2-3-1) Don’t get too excited about what Kliff Kingsbury’s Air Raid offense did on Sunday. It came against Atlanta’s Air Ball defense.

23. Steelers (2-4) Undrafted rookie Devlin “Duck” Hodges threw for 132 yards and still outplayed Philip Rivers.

24. Jaguars (2-4) “Minshew Mania” gets the week off after that “P.U. Performance.”

25. Buccaneers (2-4) Throw out Jameis Winston’s six turnovers and you have some pretty meaningless stats.

26. Giants (2-4) After facing the Vikings and Patriots, the Giants get to pick on someone their own size — the Cardinals.

27. Titans (2-4) They ran for 39 yards, benched their starting quarterback and were shut out. Other than that …

28. Chargers (2-4) Facing a team with an undrafted rookie starting at QB, Rivers turns the ball over twice in the first four minutes.

29. Redskins (1-5) Looks like Bill Callahan is going to drive Adrian until the wheels fall off. Hopefully not literally.

30. Falcons (1-5) It’s hard to believe there are two teams worse than the Falcons.

31. Bengals (0-6) Get ready, NFL draftniks. Your game of the century is Dec. 22. Bengals at Dolphins!

32. Dolphins (0-5) The South Beach Tankers should give Kenyan Drake a lack-of-incentive bonus for botching that two-point conversion with six seconds left.