Biggest jump: Rams No. 19 to No. 3 • Biggest fall: Titans No. 5 to No. 23

1. Chiefs, 4-0 (Last week: 1)

Still think Alex Smith can’t make a play? Watch the closing seconds of Monday night’s game.

2. Bills, 3-1 (10)

Quick. Name the coordinator of the league’s No. 1-ranked scoring defense? (A: Frazier, Leslie).

3. Rams, 3-1 (19)

This offense might be for real. Or as real as things can be in a week-to-week league.

4. Eagles, 3-1 (4)

Leading the NFC East by a game and already three road games behind them.

5. Lions, 3-1 (6)

Detroit is dangerous when it shows the ability to support Matthew Stafford with a running game.

6. Packers, 3-1 (8)

This is a hard team to figure everywhere but the most important position: QB.

7. Redskins, 2-2 (7)

I was impressed with how they stood in there with the Chiefs in K.C. in prime time.

8. Falcons, 3-1 (2)

Buffalo’s defense might be for real, but Atlanta’s offense can’t fall apart when Julio Jones is hurt.

9. Panthers, 3-1 (17)

Who’d have thought the answer to righting an offense would be playing Bill Belichick in Foxborough?

10. Broncos, 3-1 (11)

Allowing a league-low 50.8 yards rushing, Denver has added a Trumpian-sized wall to its No Fly Zone.

11. Patriots, 2-2 (3)

Has Stephon Gilmore’s contract disrupted the Patriot Way of playing defense?

12. Texans, 2-2 (22)

In his third NFL game, Deshaun Watson scores 57 on a quality opponent and is compared to Fran Tarkenton.

13. Steelers, 3-1 (14)

Antonio Brown ain’t happy, but Le’Veon Bell and Pittsburgh’s side of the scoreboard is.

14. Seahawks, 2-2 (20)

A 36-3 second-half advantage over the Colts changes perception of Seattle. But for how long?

15. Saints, 2-2 (16)

London sees Saints pitch a shutout a week after Blake Bortles throws four TDs. What’s next, a Browns win?

16. Jets, 2-2 (25)

Josh McCown’s game-winning “drive” in OT was 2 yards on four plays. But the Jets are a .500 team.

17. Jaguars, 2-2 (9)

Beware, suicide poolers. Team Yo-Yo heads to Pittsburgh as the biggest underdog of the week.

18. Raiders, 2-2 (13)

The Raiders were struggling with Derek Carr. Without him, the nosedive could be dramatic.

19. Vikings, 2-2 (15)

 Need a running back? New Orleans has a spare one with only 27 carries the past four games.

20. Cowboys, 2-2 (12)

They’ve given up 77 points in their two losses to Trevor Siemian and Jared Goff. Next up: Aaron Rodgers.

21. Cardinals, 2-2 (23)

Arizona has beaten the Colts and 49ers by a combined 6 points.

22. Ravens, 2-2 (18)

They’re a distant last in passing yards per game at 142.5.

23. Titans, 2-2 (5)

Tennessee had 195 yards, held the ball for 20 minutes, gave up 57 points. And, oh yeah, lost its QB.

24. Buccaneers, 2-1 (24)

A narrow win over the Giants counts. But it doesn’t boost your power ranking.

25. Bengals, 1-3 (29)

A week after taking Green Bay into OT in Lambeau, the Bengals had a tad easier assignment in Cleveland.

26. Colts, 1-3 (26)

Throw out that entire second half in Seattle, and the Colts are a .500 team.

27. Bears, 1-3 (21)

In 41 possessions, the Bears have more turnovers (nine) than scores (eight). Good-bye, Glennon.

28. Dolphins, 1-2 (26)

Shut out by the Saints. Talk about deflating.

29. 49ers, 0-4 (30)

Three straight losses by a combined eight points. Ouch.

30. Chargers, 0-4 (27)

It’s hard to tell what their home record is when they don’t have a home.

31. Giants, 0-4 (31)

Becoming an all-time example of the utter worthlessness of preseason predictions.

32. Browns, 0-4 (32)

October in Cleveland. Otherwise known as Indians season.