Biggest jump: 49ers No. 21 to No. 16 Biggest fall: Packers No. 17 to No. 22

1, Patriots, 12-3 (Last week: 1)

Got any fresh ideas for another two weeks of Super Bowl stories on the Patriots? We’re all ears.

2. Steelers, 12-3 (2)

They secure homefield advantage with a win and either a Patriots home loss to the Jets or Hades freezing over.

3. Panthers, 11-4 (3)

If you thought Goodell handing the trophy to Bob Kraft was awkward, imagine handing it to Jerry Richardson.

4. Vikings, 12-3 (4)

How strong a Case (Keenum) does Mike Zimmer have for Coach of the Year?

5. Eagles, 13-2 (5)

Nick Foles posted a 59.4 passer rating and won. #teamgamefolks.

6. Rams, 11-4 (7)

We all figured the Rams would post 13 straight losing seasons, hire a 30-year-old and win 11-12 games. Right?

7. Saints, 11-4 (9)

Getting the sense the postseason will feature a rematch of that Week 1 Monday nighter at U.S. Bank Stadium?

8. Chiefs, 9-6 (10)

All I want from Andy “Santa” Reid is for Bill Belichick to wear a Grinch costume to the podium next week.

9. Jaguars, 10-5 (6)

How does the NFL’s best defense give up 44 points? Throw three picks that lead to 21 of them.

10. Seahawks, 9-6 (13)

They had 142 yards in penalties vs. 136 yards in offense. But Dallas turned the ball over three times.

11. Falcons, 9-6 (8)

They’re a shadow of last year’s team, but will advance with a win over Carolina or a Seattle loss to Arizona.

12. Ravens, 9-6 (14)

They’re 1-5 against teams with a winning record. Signature win: Detroit at home.

13. Chargers, 8-7 (15)

From 0-4 to still being alive in the playoff race heading into Week 17.

14. Bills, 8-7 (12)

Another week, another catch that looked like a catch and was a catch, except it wasn’t a catch.

15. Cowboys, 8-7 (11)

Ezekiel’s back! Big deal. Dak Prescott posted his fourth sub-61.0 passer rating in the past six games.

16. 49ers, 5-10 (21)

Jimmy Garoppolo just completed the greatest month in the history of NFL contract seasons.

17. Lions, 8-7 (16)

If you can’t beat the Bengals, you’re better off sitting out the NFC playoffs.

18. Washington, 7-8 (20)

In another lost season, Kirk Cousins makes another pitch for someone to pay him long-term.

19. Raiders, 6-9 (19)

First-year offensive coordinator Todd Downing unlikely to become second-year offensive coordinator Todd Downing.

20. Titans, 8-7 (18)

If there’s a list of teams you WANT to face in the playoffs, Tennessee sits No. 1.

21. Cardinals, 7-8 (23)

At least they have a chance to go to Seattle and knock the Seahawks out of the playoff picture.

22. Packers, 7-8 (17)

Offseason priorities: 1, Draft someone to block Anthony Barr.

23. Dolphins, 6-9 (22)

Offseason priorities: 1, Don’t be desperate enough to give $10 million to a retired QB-turned-broadcaster.

24. Buccaneers, 4-11 (25)

Offseason priorities: 1, Play more like 2015 and less like 2017.

25. Bengals, 6-9 (27)

You say the stadium was only half full. I’m amazed it was only half empty.

26. Bears, 5-10 (26)

“We won’t be that team!” —Akiem Hicks, D-tackle and motivational speaker for teams afraid of losing to Cleveland.

27. Broncos, 5-10 (24)

Sideline cameras caught Brock Osweiler trying to fire up teammates. They didn’t catch anyone actually listening to him.

28. Jets, 5-10 (28)

Should the QB-starved Jets fire Todd Bowles for losing 10 games or winning five games?

29. Colts, 3-12 (29)

Can you still call Andrew Luck a franchise quarterback when he will have missed 26 of a team’s past 48 games?

30. Texans, 4-11 (31)

They can’t win, but they do lead the NFL in evaluating quarterbacks for concussions after the Tom Savage debacle.

31. Giants, 2-13 (30)

The Giants need to lose to secure the No. 2 overall pick. Shouldn’t be a problem.

32. Browns, 0-15 (32)

Like the Browns, I got nothing left. The end.