1. Chiefs (12-1)

Patrick Mahomes takes a 30-yard sack, throws three interceptions and is still good enough to win.

2. Bills (10-3)

Stefon Diggs is excellent. But let's hold off on the ultimate team player story line until he's not being fed 100 catches.

3. Packers (10-3)

Matt LaFleur is 23-6 and now 2-for-2 in NFC North titles.

4. Steelers (11-2)

They're riding a two-game losing streak and haven't reached 20 points in three straight games.

5. Saints (10-3)

New Orleans got run over by Philly while peeking ahead to Kansas City.

6. Rams (9-4)

In their past five games, they're 4-1 with wins over Seattle, Tampa Bay and Arizona.

7. Ravens (8-5)

Unfortunately for Cleveland, Lamar Jackson's cramps ended just in time for Lamar to remind everyone why he's the reigning league MVP.

8. Browns (9-4)

Cheer up, Cleveland. Tough, hard-fought losses in meaningful mid-December games sure beats "winning" the draft every April.

9. Buccaneers (8-5)

Tom Brady picked a real good time to leave the AFC for the NFC.

10. Colts (9-4)

Indy's O-line pitched the perfect game: No sacks, a 6.8-yard rushing average and one opposing defensive coordinator fired.

11. Seahawks (9-4)

How to build confidence in a bad defense: Hold the Jets to 185 yards and 3 points.

12. Titans (9-4)

How to regain confidence in a throwback offense: Have Derrick Henry run for 215 yards against Jacksonville.

13. Dolphins (8-5)

They led 10-0. They won the turnover margin 3-1. They were at home. And they lost. Welcome to playing the Chiefs.

14. Cardinals (7-6)

Haason Reddick had five sacks, three forced fumbles and caused power rankers to type a name other than Kyler or DeAndre.

15. Washington (6-7)

The offense had 193 yards, but the defense had three takeaways, two touchdowns and one ironclad defensive rookie of the year case for Chase Young.

16. Patriots (6-7)

Note to self: Don't pick the Patriots again! (Although, come to think of it, they did beat Miami back in Week 1).

17. Raiders (7-6)

How did the wheels fall off on a team that's beaten the Saints, Chiefs and Browns?

18. Giants (5-8)

It was fun while it lasted, Big Blue. Next up: Browns and Ravens.

19. Vikings (6-7)

You know things are bad when Bears fans feel sorry for your kicker.

20. Bears (6-7)

For the record, the Vikings' four missed kicks on Sunday are as many as the Bears have missed all season.

21. Broncos (5-8)

A sentence you don't read often: Drew Lock won a game and didn't throw a pick.

22. Eagles (4-8-1)

Give Philly credit. It does find a way to win big games without Carson Wentz.

23. Lions (5-8)

Darrell Bevell's resume now has one win and one competitive loss in which the Lions didn't play the role of bumbling buffoons.

24. Chargers (4-9)

Win masks yet another clock management blunder by Anthony Lynn and his assistants.

25. 49ers (5-8)

See you next year, San Francisco.

26. Cowboys (4-9)

The offense was ugly, but nobody out-uglies the Bengals under Zac 4-24-1 Taylor.

27. Falcons (4-9)

Matt Ryan is 11-17 with 25 interceptions in his last 28 games.

28. Panthers (4-9)

Teddy Bridgewater is 8-9 with 33 sacks in his last 17 starts.

29. Texans (4-9)

How bad are the Texans? For three whole hours, they made Mitchell Trubisky look better than Deshaun Watson.

30. Bengals (2-10-1)

Cincinnati has scored a combined 31 points in three games without Joe Burrow.

31. Jaguars (1-12)

Can they keep the draft-positioning pressure on the Jets? They finish with the Ravens, Bears and a Colts team they beat in Week 1.

32. Jets (0-13)

They finish with the Rams, Browns and Patriots. Congrats, New York. There's a Trevor at the end of your Tunnel.