1. Ravens (11-2)

All they’ve done since their bye is beat the Patriots (10-3), Texans (8-5), Rams (8-5), 49ers (11-2) and Bills (9-4).

2. 49ers (11-2)

Jimmy G out-Breesed Drew Brees in the Big Easy while vaulting his team from fifth to first in the NFC. Not a bad week.

3. Saints (10-3)

The NFL’s MVP is modern medicine and how fast it fixes broken body parts (see: Brees, D.)

4. Chiefs (9-4)

Sorry, Mr. Brady, but after a zillion years at the top it might be time to step aside for a Mahomes v. Jackson AFC title game.

5. Patriots (10-3)

Dear New England. If you could stop spying on people, that would be super. Love, Rog.

6. Packers (10-3)

The hotter Matt LaFleur gets, the colder Mike McCarthy looks.

7. Seahawks (10-3)

Russell Wilson appears to be human after all.

8. Rams (8-5)

LA 2-0 with 1,004 yards of offense since Sean McVay’s self-scouting identified that he was being an “idiot.”

9. Bills (9-4)

Two questions:  “Are the Bills for real?” and, “Are you tired of hearing the question, ‘Are the Bills for real?’”

10. Titans (8-5)

Ryan Tannehill is doing things only Aaron Rodgers did back in 2011. And Rodgers won his first MVP that year.

11. Vikings (9-4)

Mike Zimmer has gone 5-0 against Detroit since starting out 2-5.

12. Steelers (8-5)

A little “Duck” and a lotta defense guarantees Mike Tomlin won’t suffer first losing season in 13 years as Steelers coach.

13. Texans (8-5)

Houston’s season:  Loss, two wins, loss, two wins, loss, two wins, loss, two wins, loss …

14. Bears (7-6)

Chicago offense became dangerous when the Bears stopped caring whether Mitch Trubisky gets hurt running the ball.

15. Buccaneers (6-7)

Bucs win as Jameis Winston has career-in-a-nutshell game: Three picks, gets hurt, comes back, throws for four TDs, 465 yards.

16. Cowboys (6-7)

Please, no more stats about the Cowboys’ offense until it scores more points than whomever it is playing.

17. Browns (6-7)

Baker Mayfield was asked a question and told the truth. The Browns have asked him to be more presidential in the future.

18. Broncos (5-8)

Any of you contenders out there want a piece of Drew Lock and the Broncos right about now?

19. Chargers (5-8)

Coming off a road win at Jacksonville, Chargers return to Los Angeles to play a “road” game against Vikings Nation.

20. Eagles (6-7)

Someone has to win the NFC East. Might as well be the team that needed OT to beat the 2-11 Giants at home.

21. Jets (5-8)

The Jets beat Miami in a game with 10 field goals. Yes, we fell asleep just writing that sentence.

22. Colts (6-7)

Remember when they were 5-2, healthy and didn’t need Andrew Luck?

23. Falcons (4-9)

Remember when they mattered?

24. Raiders (6-7)

Remember when they were 6-4 and some idiot in Minnesota jinxed it by praising Jon Gruden?

25. Redskins (3-10)

Yes, it took a 10th loss to officially eliminate Washington from the playoff picture.

26. Dolphins (3-10)

Apparently, going 0-for-6 in the red zone isn’t good enough to win.

27. Panthers (5-8)

Sorry, but Kyle Allen’s two picks and fourth multi-fumble game of the season can’t be pinned to Ron Rivera’s résumé.

28. Cardinals (3-9-1)

Three of Kyler Murray’s nine interceptions this season came in the final 22 minutes of Sunday’s loss to Pittsburgh.

29. Jaguars (4-9)

In four of their past five straight losses, the Jags have given up 216, 264, 219 and 195 yards rushing.

30. Giants (2-11)

Good news:  Almost the best team in the NFC East. Bad news: Almost the best team in the NFC East.

31. Bengals (1-12)

The biggest rout in NFL history is 73-0. Something to watch as Cincy hosts the Patriots team they just tattled on for spying.

32. Lions (3-9-1)

David Blough probably doesn’t agree, but Danielle Hunter really is a gentle giant.