Here's a stat for the Kirk Cousins fan club, compliments of NFL Communications and his recent hot streak:

Only four quarterbacks in NFL history have had three or more consecutive games with at least 300 yards passing and three touchdown passes in a single season.

The first guy, Steve Young, is a Pro Football Hall of Famer. He did it in five straight games in 1998.

The next guy, Peyton Manning, will be a slam-dunk first-ballot pick two months from now when the Hall of Fame's selection committee assembles on the eve of Super Bowl LV. He did it in four straight games in 2012.

The third guy, Patrick Mahomes, is only 25 but already a darn good first-ballot bet for Canton, Ohio. He also did it in four straight games, in 2018.

The fourth guy, Cousins, won't be entering the Hall of Fame. Not without buying a patron's pass. But he is a pretty good passer when the big fellas up front block well.

Cousins has an active streak of three games with at least 300 yards and three touchdowns. He would join Peyton and Patrick if he does it again on Sunday in Tampa.

The most consecutive games with at least 300 passing yards and three passing TDs in a single NFL season:

Steve Young, 49ers (1998): 5

Peyton Manning, Colts (2012): 4

Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs (2018): 4

x-Kirk Cousins, Vikings (2020): 3

x-Active streak