1. Ravens (7-2)

They scored a touchdown on every drive Lamar Jackson played Sunday. Ev-er-y sing-le drive.

2. Patriots (8-1)

Sorry, KC, but that Ravens-Patriots rematch will be one heck of an AFC Championship Game.

3. Seahawks (8-2)

They have seven one-score wins. Russell Wilson has orchestrated game-winning drives in four of them. M … V … P.

4. 49ers (8-1)

Handing Wilson the ball three times in overtime is a real good way to not go undefeated.

5. Packers (8-2)

Ground LaFleur cranks out a combined 26 carries for 156 yards and three touchdowns from Aaron Jones and Jamal Williams.

6. Vikings (7-3)

Dalvin was dynamic and Kirk went turnover-free for a career-high fourth straight game.

7. Steelers (5-4)

Hello, 1974. Steelers winning with old-fashioned defense, determination and grit.

8. Texans (6-3)

Dear, boss. Can I please skip Sunday’s Vikings game to watch Deshaun Watson at Lamar Jackson?

9. Eagles (5-4)

Are the Eagles legit? Hosting the Patriots on Sunday will help us decide.

10. Saints (7-2)

You lost to Atlanta? At home? After a bye week? With Drew Brees? Really?!

11. Titans (5-5)

Sorry, Marcus. A 61-yard game-winning TD drive with 1:21 left and no timeouts officially makes this Ryan Tannehill’s team.

12. Chiefs (6-4)

Sure would like to rank them higher. They’re great and they have the league’s best player(s). But they keep losing.

13. Raiders (5-4)

Reminder to Bears fans: Josh Jacobs was part of the Khalil Mack trade. Part I.

14. Rams (5-4)

Offensive genius Sean McVay had a punter throw an interception and a backup QB fumble a snap on gadget plays.

15. Bills (6-3)

The already-offensively-challenged Bills also couldn’t stop the run or muster a single Baker Mayfield turnover.

16. Panthers (5-4)

Kyle Allen threw for 307 yards through the Lambeau snow, but also handed the Packers 10 points off two turnovers.

17. Cowboys (5-4)

The Vikings needed help stopping Dak Prescott late in the game. And they got it from the Cowboys coaching staff.

18. Chargers (4-6)

The roller coaster never stops in L.A.

19. Jaguars (4-5)

That trip to Indy this week not looking nearly as daunting.

20. Bears (4-5)

Mitchell beats Driskel! When does the parade begin?

21. Dolphins (2-7)

Break up the Dolphins! Wait. Someone already did.

22. Colts (5-4)

Brian Hoyer threw three picks, didn’t have T.Y. Hilton and otherwise played like someone who hasn’t started since 2017.

23. Falcons (2-7)

Atlanta showing life just in time to kill a higher draft pick.

24. Broncos (3-6)

The 2019 Broncos set to visit the 2015 Broncos, otherwise known as the 2019 Vikings.

25. Browns (3-6)

Browns win! Big deal.

26. Buccaneers (3-6)

The Jameis Winston roller coaster never ends in Tampa. His 49-yard completion sets up game-winning touchdown.

27. Lions (3-5-1)

Putrid defense plus no Matthew Stafford equals a fifth loss in six games.

28. Cardinals (3-6-1)

Kyler Murray threw an interception right after setting the rookie record for most passes without an interception.

29. Jets (2-7)

Jamal Adams wanted to stay in New York. He proved it with two sacks, two forced fumbles and a fumble recovery for a TD.

30. Redskins (1-8)

Does anyone but Adrian Peterson’s legacy care about the squad from Washington?

31. Giants (2-8)

Does anyone but Pat Shurmur’s future as a head coach care about the New York Football Giants?

32. Bengals (0-9)

Cincy stepped up (down?) its efforts to secure the No. 1 pick by giving Ryan Finley his NFL starting debut at QB.