1. Ravens (13-2): In the final 78 seconds of Sunday’s first half, they smacked the Browns with 138 yards, seven first downs and two touchdowns.

2. Saints (12-3): Trailing the Titans 14-3 on the road, the Saints woke up with four touchdowns in five possessions.

3. Chiefs (11-4): Not sure if you Bears fans have heard this or not, but Chicago could have drafted Patrick Mahomes.

4. 49ers (12-3): Young and unpredictable, but they have as many victories this year as losses last year.

5. Patriots (12-3): George Washington was a corporal the last time the Patriots didn’t win the AFC East.

6. Packers (12-3): The Vikings defense taketh, but Kirk Cousins giveth back.

7. Texans (10-5): If you think you have this team figured out, sorry, you’re wrong.

8. Bills (10-5): Josh Allen was just too erratic on third down as Buffalo goes 2-for-11 in a predictable loss to the Patriots.

9. Vikings (10-5): The good news:  There are no playoff games on Monday nights.

10. Seahawks (11-4): We’re about to find out whether Beast Mode’s legs are fresh or just 33 years old.

11. Titans (8-7): Puzzling loss to the Saints saw Tennessee go up 14-0 before next five possessions produced 40 yards and five punts.

12. Eagles (8-7): Pretty is not a required attribute to win the NFC East.

13. Cowboys (7-8): Raise your hand if you’re tired of hearing that Dallas has the top-ranked offense.

14. Steelers (8-7): Suddenly, Devlin Duck = Daffy Duck.

15. Falcons (6-9): Suddenly, the Falcons know how to play football again. Better late than never? No.

16. Rams (8-7): Suddenly, the Rams are like a lot of teams the year after they lose the Super Bowl.

17. Buccaneers (7-8): Jameis Winston needs two interceptions to become the first player with 30 TD passes and 30 picks in a season. We like his chances.

18. Cardinals (5-9-1): NFL sack leader Chandler Jones (19) has 49 sacks in his past 47 games. Wow.

19. Broncos (6-9): Denver is 3-8 without Drew Lock and 3-1 with Drew Lock.

20. Jets (6-9): Le’Veon Bell beat his old team, but he averaged 2.9 yards on 25 carries. And he still plays for the Jets.

21. Bears (7-8): Good news (for the Vegas Raiders): Next year’s draft pick has moved up to No. 16.

22. Browns (6-9): Note to the nation: Don’t pick us to win Super Bowl 55. Signed, Freddie K.

23. Colts (7-8): Nyheim Hines returned two punts for touchdowns Sunday. The Vikings want to know if he has a twin brother.

24. Raiders (7-8): Even the Oakland-London-Vegas Raiders found a way to win at the Chargers’ temporary band box.

25. Chargers (5-10): At least they turned the ball over seven fewer times than they did the week before.

26. Giants (4-11): Daniel Jones returned, leaving Eli stuck in a tie with Joe Montana in wins (117). But he does lead Joe in losses, 117-47.

27. Jaguars (5-10): Starting to look like John DeFilippo will have to wait another year for that head coaching gig.

28. Dolphins (4-11): Ryan Fitzpatrick now has four touchdown passes with five different teams.

29. Panthers (5-10): Seems like forever since this team was 4-2.

30. Redskins (3-12): Since 1997, this team has had back-to-back winning seasons only once — 2015-16, Kirk Cousins’ first two years as a starter.

31. Bengals (1-14): Eight of their 14 losses were by one score.

32. Lions (3-11-1): They have lost eight in a row, have the league’s worst pass defense and have been outscored by 44 points the past three weeks.