BY THE NUMBERS:  Dolphins’ opponent passer rating (137.6)

Are the 2019 Dolphins the worst team in NFL history?

Probably not when you consider 40 franchises popped up and disappeared during the league’s first 20 years (1920-40).

But if you’re talking about the worst team in modern history, well, let’s just say the tanking fish are well on their way to an all-time stinker.

There are so many numbers already being posted to confirm this team’s historically bad pace. For example:

• Miami has 26 points. Opponents have 163.

• The Dolphins have converted 26% of third downs. Opponents: 57.8%.

• Touchdown differential: 2/21.

• Completion percentage differential: 51.5/74.4.

But the number that really jumps out is 137.6.

That’s Miami’s opponent passer rating. And it includes a 152.9 rating in Miami. A perfect rating is 158.3.

Miami’s quarterbacks, meanwhile, have posted a 52.5 rating.


The 2008 Lions and 2015 Browns are the only 0-16 teams in NFL history. They posted opponent passer ratings of 110.9 and 102.3, respectively.

Did you know passer rating stats

Cousins ranks 10th … all-time!?

Those who suggest the NFL’s passer rating formula hasn’t kept pace with how the game has evolved have some pretty good arguments. One of them: Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins is tied for 10th in career passer rating at 94.8. Meanwhile, Joe Montana checks in at No. 15 (92.3). No. 1 overall is Aaron Rodgers (102.9). That works. No. 2 is Russell Wilson (101.2). OK. Nos. 3-4 are Drew Brees (97.7) and Tom Brady (97.6). For sure. Where are the current Hall of Famers? The first one doesn’t appear until Steve Young at No. 7 (96.8). Kurt Warner is next at No. 13 (93.7).


Vikings last in the division in opponent passer rating:

It’s early, but the Vikings are in the unusual position of being last in the NFC North in both opponent passer rating (96.7) and opponent completion percentage (72.1). A year ago, they ranked second behind Chicago with a 83.3 opponent passer rating and 62.6 opponent completion percentage. This year, the division’s top three opponent passer ratings are: Packers (73.2), Lions (80.3) and Bears (85.4). The top three opponent completion percentages are: Lions (55.4), Packers (57.1) and Bears (69.2).