The cast of "Glensheen" returns, complete with a vengeance-minded Marjorie Caldwell (Jennifer Maren, center), through July 29. /Scott Pakudaitis

She's ba-a-a-ck.

Marjorie Caldwell's reign of terror has resumed in St. Paul -- at least at the History Theatre, where she seems to have a beef with the cast of the musical comedy about her, "Glensheen," which has returned for its fourth annual summer run.

Caldwell was famously acquitted of planning the murder of her mother, Elisabeth Congdon, and Congdon's nurse at the fabled Glensheen mansion in Duluth. The murders and subsequent trial are depicted in the critical and audience fave, "Glensheen," by Chan Poling and Jeffrey Hatcher, who also collaborated on this season's musical, "Lord Gordon Gordon."

Caldwell, who later faced numerous other criminal charges and two arson convictions, appears in a (fictitious) promotional video for the show that runs through July 29. The video features actor Jennifer Maren, in a costume she wears to play Caldwell, entering the St. Paul theater, brushing shoulders with director Ron Peluso and threatening the cast, including an out-of-costume Maren, with the weapon that led to those two arson convictions: a match.

Hatcher has said "we always joked that we had to wait until Marjorie is dead because, otherwise, she'll burn our houses down." Well, Caldwell is very much alive, so maybe don't be counting those chickens yet, Mr. Hatcher.