A Maplewood man bound a young boy’s legs, hands and mouth with tape and left him in a dark room after the child spilled a can of pop, according to charges filed Thursday.

Steven R. Goossen, 57, allegedly punished his girlfriend’s son on Tuesday in the family’s home. Goossen is charged in Ramsey County District Court with one count of malicious punishment of a child.

Court documents said the boy was born in 2007, but did not give his exact age.

“Goossen came into the room and taped the boy’s legs together and his hands behind his back,” the charge said. “Goossen slapped the right side of the boy’s face and pushed him down. Goossen then taped the boy’s mouth shut by running tape all the way around his head.”

According to the complaint: The boy had thrown a water bottle that knocked over a can of pop, spilling it on the floor. His mother sent him to his room and then went on a drive to cool off.

Goossen was left home with the boy and his sister. Goossen allegedly bound the boy and removed all of the light bulbs in the room and locked the boy inside.

The mother returned home and heard her son whimpering. He eventually exited his bedroom with tape around his neck and told her what had occurred, the complaint said.

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