A man pleaded guilty Friday morning to killing his Minneapolis neighbor after a dispute over a broken lawn mower.

Edward Holzinger, 61, agreed to a 261-month prison sentence as part of a deal where he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

In Hennepin District Court Friday, Holzinger admitted that he was at his home in northeast Minneapolis Aug. 9 when his neighbor, 47-year-old Bruce Wayne Brown, came to his door. Holzinger said he was drinking and had a 9-mm handgun when he opened the door and shot Brown twice in the chest.

Brown's wife and three young children sat in the courtroom to watch Holzinger's plea.

The killing culminated rising conflict between the neighbors. Holzinger told the court Brown broke a lawn mower that he had let him use. Holzinger had also reportedly made inappropriate comments about Brown's teenage stepdaughter, according to family, friends and court records.

The night of the shooting, Brown had been grilling in his backyard when he spotted Holzinger and "sarcastically" offered to bring him a hamburger, the complaint said.

Holzinger responded: "Come over and find out."

Over his family's protests, Brown walked over to Holzinger's house, prosecutors said. Moments later, Brown was dead.

Holzinger surrendered immediately when police arrived, reportedly telling one officer that Brown "deserved it" for calling him a pedophile. "I know I'm going to jail and I don't care," the complaint quoted him as saying.

Holzinger will be sentenced on Feb. 7.

Staff writer Libor Jany contributed to this report

Brandon Stahl