Today's predictions for the Mall of America: lots of shopping and indoor snow.

Yes, snow. A twizzard -- tweet-activated blizzard -- to be exact.

Not shovel-worthy snow, but a magical dusting set the tune of "Let It Snow." It takes 1,000 tweets with the hashtag #twizzard to trigger the wacky weather* in the Rotunda. Visitors can track the coming snowstorms on a "thermometer" that drops from the mall's standard indoor temp of 72 degrees to 32 degrees as the tweets roll in.


You tweet #Twizzard, your tweet goes up on the big screen and we make it snow indoors!

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"It's a way to get people involved from anywhere," said Chris Grap, business development and project manager at the Mall of America. "Those that are on site will have the benefit of actually being able to experience the twizzard."

And people seem to have figured it out. People inside and outside the mall were tweeting with the #twizzard hashtag on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

The twizzards will keep happening, based on Twitter use, through 8 p.m. Sunday. But they aren't the only thing the Mall of America social media team has planned during the holiday shopping season.

There's a designated "Social Vortex" interactive lounge area (West, Level 2) where people can relax, recharge phones and take ugly sweater photos with props provided by Ragstock. Visitors will also be able to control music playing in that area by downloading the RockBot jukebox.

In December, shoppers can use Twitter to enter the Gift-A-Day Giveway. The Mall of America will use its account (@mallofamerica) to prompt guests to tweet a code for a chance to win a gift picked by a local or national celebrity, athlete or blogger.

(*No, it's not real snow. It's coming from snow machines above, and it's the same stuff used in theater/movie special effects, Grap said. It will not accumulate on the floor.)

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