What are two things you hope the Obama administration does in the first year?


At first I took this question as a call for advice to Prez-elect Obama; and my inclination was to say: "Hey, I voted for the guy so HE could be president, not me! I just hope he tries to do most of what he said he'd do." I really don't feel like an expert in the political arena, I'm just an opinionated citizen.


But now, if this is more of a make-a-wish moment, then I'll go for it: My two wishes: My first wish is for President Obama to bring our soldiers, marines, sailors, pilots, civilian contractors, support staff - everybody - home from Iraq. Did I miss anyone? I want them home, too. Oh, wait, did I forget to mention Afghanistan? We don't belong there as a permanent force. Bring them home, please.


I may be wasting my second wish - I probably should be wishing for a return to multilateralism in world diplomacy, or a nationwide push for greening our homes and cars, or better yet, juicy grants for songwriters - but my second wish is for President Obama to keep talking, please. Keep making speeches that try to forge a new, shared vision for our country's future. Keep that beautiful, cool but passionate, rhetoric rolling as long as you can. I find Barack Obama's words inspiring both for what he says and how he says it. Presidents may prove their worth with deeds, but it is their words that shape the legacies they leave to us. And the greatest speeches of our presidents help this country to remember who we are and what we hope to be. 


What is one thing you hope they do not do?


Don't stop thinking about tomorrow.