Paul Shambroom: Lost

Ongoing: Stuff goes missing all the time — keys, pets, gloves, minds, soldiers, lives. The loss of the big ones has more consequence than the intimate little things, but a keen-eyed photographer like Paul Shambroom can get to the heart of the matter in unexpected ways. In his new show, "Lost," Shambroom documents three types of lost things: the tattered fliers people post when seeking missing pets; the leftover munitions (cannons, tanks, missiles) that small towns install in public parks as memorials to the dead and the wars in which they fought, and gloves ­— those bits of our daily lives that we carelessly shed and forget until it's too late to snatch them out of the street. Turns out that Shambroom's attention to "orphaned gloves" was shared by a former University of Minnesota grad student, Andy Mattern, so the show includes some of his glove photos, too. Special events, receptions and artists talks augment the gallery's limited hours. See for details. (Ends Oct. 18, free. MMAA Project Space, 141 E. 4th St., St. Paul.)

Mary Abbe