That guy on that one show you didn't see (AP photo)

That guy on that one show you didn't see (AP photo)

Fox’s “Lone Star” pulled in about sixteen viewers, which means the network may take it out back and shoot it before it has the chance to embarrass them anymore. It’s like a grudge thing. We had so much faith in you! You let us down! Paulie, take this show for a ride to the Barrens. Ah, but why? Why did Lone Star fail to connect with the American people? Deadspin has a theory, and I think they’re right:

I personally can see Fox’s rationale putting Lone Star behind House, another show with a flawed character, but I do think that Dr. House’s pill popping and verbal abrasiveness rate much higher on the forgiveness scale than Lone Star hero’s cheating on 2 wives and swindling hard-working people out of their money.

There you have it. When I saw the previews, it seemed like a show about a guy who was lying to his mistress and his wife and possibly another wife and was feeling bad about it because he was letting down his father. Okay. Fine. Next.

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