After nearly a week of being locked down, Stillwater prison is resuming normal operations and programming, the Minnesota Department of Corrections (DOC) said Wednesday. Visiting schedules with inmates will resume Thursday, and all inmates were expected to return to their normal programming by the end of Thursday.

The close-custody prison, home to 1,600 male offenders, was placed on lockdown a week ago to free staff members to conduct intensive searches in several specific areas, the DOC said.

“This was a successful operation,” said DOC’s deputy commissioner, Terry Carlson. “We are constantly monitoring the offenders in our facilities to ensure that contraband is not smuggled in and that other illegal activities are not permitted. A lockdown like this gives us the opportunity to gather hard evidence and stop problems before they start.”

Carlson said several items were seized and placed into evidence but said she could not provide more specific information because of ongoing investigations.

Kevin Giles