Stephen Colbert had better get ready for his bear hug. Minneapolis’s fast-rising hip-hop/R&B star Lizzo is scheduled to perform on the new CBS “Late Show” host's set this Thursday night (Dec. 10, 10:35 CT, CBS).

The rather choice TV slot -- with popular "Late Show" vet Bruce Willis scheduled as the primary guest -- falls on the eve of the release of Lizzo's second album, “Big GRRRL Small World.” It also lands just a little over a year since her first network TV appearance with Colbert’s predecessor, David Letterman, who memorably received a full-on embrace from the real-life Melissa Jefferson as he walked up after her performance of “Bus Passes and Happy Meals.”

Music reviewers worldwide already seem to be embracing the new record. Spin posted a 7-out-ot-10 review today, calling it “more of a strong sum-up than an explosive progression.” NME in England – where her debut “Lizzobangers” was issued via Virgin Records – rated it 4-out-of-5, saying, “The full range of her talent is on display here, from the twinkling soul of 'Humanize' to the jazzy groove of 'The Fade'.”

A bold and truly revealing new video for the album’s second single, “My Skin,” is also adding to the buzz. A rebuke of negative body image and in particular an ode to "brown skin" beauty, the song already made strong impressions in her live shows over the past year. Now, a viral campaign around the clip has been started on Twitter with women posting beautiful images of themselves with the hashtag #MySkin and #MySkinMatters.

Here's that powerful video.