We're not there because we look good, were there because they want us to make it look good. In so doing, we are each individually outfitted with rain suits, fishing shirts, slacks, hats, gloves, and sunglasses that make the eight fishermen, almost identical in appearance. We will fish two per boat, four boats set for fishing, and two additional boats for the film and camera crews. Boats are all 20 foot Alaskans with the same outboard. Each boat is rigged with four rods per man, each rod the same, reels again and fishing lines, a complete total match. We're not gonna use planer boards or stick baits; this will be a walleye-sauger fishing clinic specific to jigs and lindy rigs. Each boat has the same minnow, leech, crawler combo for live bait. These vignettes of film will show many large walleyes and an abundance of sauger caught and released over a five day period from sun up to well past sundown in any weather, as sun rays went streaming through or storm clouds on the horizon that drifted past rocky shoals, nameless islands and miles and miles of remote shoreline. The film won't show how many 6 or 7 inch fish we caught and released. You're not going to see any other fish like northern's, the movies made will not let you see how each guy fishing, every day, for at least 5 minutes, with no fish on the line, almost hourly, so the eventual viewer would get the sunrise hook set, right though the noon hour hook set, until the sunset, hook set, for the camera crews to be edited in later. You will see guys fishing, and not recognize anyone. You won't see how I caught for the first time in my life a 13 inch perch with a half-ounce jig and minnow in its mouth that I was using for bait, and it also had a three inch craw-dad in that perches yapper. The guy I fished with had never seen it before either and less than four minutes later; he did the same thing, only his was with a sauger and had a slightly smaller crayfish. You won't see where all the boats laid in behind an island hiding 42 miles from a safe secure lodge, while one very violent lightning storm raged past us. You won't see the film crew or their boats or how hard those guys worked to get perfect photos. You won't see one old Irish guy stop fishing, and try to feed a pelican half of his sandwich. You won't see a lot, but you will see a lot of fish caught. The trout whisperer

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