On April 6, 11-year-old Carl Walker-Hoover of Springfield, Mass., hung himself with an extension cord to escape the bullying he was experiencing at his school. While Carl did not identify as such, he was perceived to be gay and was subjected to a level of bullying and harassment that he could no longer tolerate. Bullying and harassment have serious consequences and, whether it is directed at a student because of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression or any of the other categories enumerated in the Minnesota civil rights statue, research has shown that identifying these categories by name in a school's antibullying policy reduces the bullying and creates a safer school for all students. Carl Walker-Hoover's death is the fourth this year associated with bullying. Our students are entitled to a safe learning environment, which the Safe Schools for All will help to provide. Please join me in urging legislators to make Minnesota a safer place for all our students.